Movement Goes Mainstream

Over the past decade, therapists and trainers across multiple disciplines have been quietly rewriting the rulebook for fitness expectations. Slowly but inexorably, stale philosophies like "no pain, no gain" and prioritization of appearance over function are giving way to a focus on fitness for the long term – that is, the rest of your life.

Popular thought leaders like Gray Cook, Kelly Starrett, Erwan LeCorre, and Carl Paoli are being joined by fitness and medical professionals who have seen, and in some cases operated, enough. This recent article highlights Dr. Christopher Raynor, an orthopedic surgeon who opened a Toronto facility specifically focused on healthy movement as an antidote to muscoloskeletal pain and functional deterioration:

The pain theme is common among movement-focused professionals. Dr. Christopher Raynor is an orthopedic surgeon, former professional athlete, and fitness instructor who opened his Toronto facility, Human 2.0, initially to help consolidate the injury rehabilitation process into a one-stop shop. It also serves as a place for athletes to improve performance, but most importantly, Human 2.0 is a place for everyday people to learn to move well."My focus is to get people to move better," Raynor said. "At the end of the day it doesn’t matter who you are, or what level you are. If you’re an average Joe, you want to be able to go around and do your daily activities without pain.""
At EHOP Health, "Move Well" is the second of three success pillars, second only to "Eat Well". For too long, medical advice has consisted of "Eat better and get more exercise", with no attention to the quality of an individual's movement and how that impacts exercise, function, and injury risk.

Our Journey 2 Health starts with the assertion that everyone can, and should, develop skill in four foundational movement patterns within individual limits. From that solid foundation, it's then possible to safely build a reservoir of strength and fitness that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

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