Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It wasn’t unusual for patients to ask me, "If it were you, Doctor, what would you do?" After telling them that they had prostate or kidney cancer or that they had a large kidney stone that needed treatment, it was a natural question. And a wise one.

After all, if I would not follow my own advice, why should my patient?

So it was with some interest that I read a listing of the most read journal articles by urologists last month at The fifth most popular article was entitled, "Evidence That Supports the Prescription of Low-Carbohydrate High-Fat Diets" from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. What in the world is going on?

My first thought was that maybe these urologists were part of the new niche of Men’s Health providers that have recently sprung up in the specialty and thus their interest in healthy eating. But knowing that urological surgeons are not trained in taking care of diabetes, obesity, cardiac disease and metabolic syndrome, I concluded that it was more likely that they were focused on the LCHF diet out of self-interest. In other words, "What would you do, Doctor?"

The well-referenced article reaches three conclusions. First, a LCHF diet is as effective as other strategies at weight loss, while increasing satiety. Second, a LCHF diet effectively improves glycemic control and reduces hyperinsulinemia in Type 2 diabetes. Lastly, these diets "… have unique effects on blood lipid concentrations and cardiovascular risk factors." All good.

EHOP Health, like the BJSM authors, believes that healthy metabolic balance is not only about eating less processed carbohydrates, but also eating healthy fats. That is another reason everyone should see EHOP Health’s presentation, "The Skinny on Fat: How Bad Science Misled us All." Join us and begin your own J2H™.

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