"Hamp the Champ" Williams

Taking a chance has paid off big time for Hamp Williams and his employer Harriss and Covington Hosiery Mills (H&C) in High Point, North Carolina. When H&C invited Hamp to join the Journey 2 Health in January he had just gotten over a four month struggle with gout that had plagued him in some way every fall since 2005.

Hamp recognized for 20 years of service at H&C, prior to beginning his Journey 2 Health in 2018.

His physician’s most recent diagnosis? An overactive immune system causing his antibodies to attack anything he ingested as an unwanted invader. Hamp’s latest bout forced him to miss the entire month of November working at the H&C distribution center. He was determined to get rid of the swelling and pain in his wrists, ankles, lower back and knees by following his doctor’s orders. He took the required prescriptions for 30 days and then was tapered off. No other prescription drug were available to help. He started over the counter suggestions by his provider and toughed it out.

As a 60 year old man who enjoyed coaching pee wee sports, attending the Living Water Baptist church and giving back to his community, Hamp knew something had to change. On January 4, 2018, Hamp took advantage of a new opportunity -- the Journey 2 Health (J2H).

When J2H program participants asked him to join them to eat well, move well and live well, he hesitated at first. But, Hamp admitted the sign ups from management to the floor made an impression on him. The enthusiasm to get healthy was contagious. He decided to join them and take the chance that he might benefit. After all, these same people had risked a lot hiring him.

Seven months into his J2H, Hamp enjoys eating well at the H&C July 4th picnic.

Nine months later, Hamp has gone from 192 to 178 lbs. His clothes are baggy and he loves it! He often walks to work enjoying that 20 minutes outside. He has joined a weekly bicycling group and has no seasonal symptoms of swelling or pain. His doctor visits are for regular checkups and blood work. In fact, his physician has marveled at his success.

Pee wee basketball and softball are on Coach Hamp’s schedule as is working in the community garden and driving the home bound to the grocery store and laundromat. He is also cooking again at home for his family. 

 “Hamp the Champ” is back! This nickname was adopted by locals ever since Hamp’s agility and love of sports wowed them on basketball and other teams. Hamp played basketball until he turned 45, the former cut off age for his league. It has changed now to age 50. 

So, what is Hamp’s explanation for his feel good new life? The J2H plan advocating the elimination of eating “everything white,” he said. Hamp admitted it wasn’t as hard as he anticipated. He said french fries and Gatorade were originally his go to foods, but now he drinks plain water and loves vegetable stir fries. His favorite proteins are fish, chicken and sometimes grass-fed beef. 

As a cook, Hamp loves the “educational” part of the program. For this reason,  he says J2H has an advantage over some of his friends’ weight loss diets. Hamp likes choosing fresh vegetables at the nearby community gardens and carefully shopping local grocery stores. His new recipes are sought after as might be expected from a long time cook. He reads labels, avoids sugar and uses healthy fats to create meals at home. 

Hamp credits Coach Jeanine Finelli for her encouragement and input. He uses the J2H app faithfully to record his food choices, to learn the science behind eating well and to do the moving well strength videos at home. When asked how he stays so focused about the foods he eats, Hamp says “ I don’t crave certain foods anymore. “Hamp says it’s a relief not to have to eat something for a quick fix that makes you feel bad afterwards. 

Hamp says he formerly had leg, joint and lower back pain. He now says Coach Sarah Schall’s videos have made him realize he had hip issues. He does hip opening exercises regularly, especially the squat and pigeon pose. “I don’t even break a sweat now, “ he admitted. “I never thought I could even do one of those exercises. Now I can do many of them. I don’t break a sweat on the floor (working in distribution) at H&C either like I used to.”

On October 28, Hamp Williams celebrated his 61st birthday and just over 10 months at H&C doing the J2H. What a difference these months have made to him, his biological  family and his work. Hamp is a happy man today.  He shares lunch with his fellow J2H participants and, in turn, shares what he’s learned about healthy eating at home. Taking a chance has given Hamp a new life with options he never thought possible. He’s living proof that eating and moving well do, in fact, promote living well.

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