Helping Himself to Help Others

Ronnie Maynard has two major goals: to make a positive impact on his family and to help others. Last year, Ronnie and his wife received some of the most joyous news ever: they were going to be grandparents. While they eagerly anticipated their first grandchild, he decided to commit to the Journey 2 Health offered by his employer, Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills.

Looking towards the future, Ronnie knew he wanted to have more energy and learn how to fuel his body for optimal health. Like many of us, the challenge is finding what works and making a change -- and his grandchild became his reason to start.

Journey 2 Health has been the missing piece of Ronnie's health and wellness. On a recent call with Ronnie, his enthusiasm about the commitment he made to himself was evident. 

In January, Ronnie began J2H and working with Coach Sarah. Discovering the connection between the foods he eats and how he feels has been profound. Ronnie embraced avoiding processed foods and added sugar. By avoiding quick packaged foods, he began to notice his energy level increase.  

Coach Sarah and Ronnie

Next, he began to look at daily habits -- even down to removing sugar from his morning coffee. The result was still more energy. Again, Ronnie began to see the connection between what he ate and how he felt. Today, he says he doesn't even miss the sugar -- less sugar equaled more success.  

Another landmark change for Ronnie was addressing his "Pepsi problem." That all changed when he took his Coach Sarah’s advice and began drinking water every day. He said, "Once your body gets the water it needs, you crave it."

“I used to drink 8 ounces of water a month and now Coach Sarah has me drinking 40 ounces a day.” 

Ronnie uses the J2H app on his phone to log his Daily Checkins. These Checkins have strengthened his resolve, and inspired him to try new exercises and practice movements to improve his mobility. 

Now, Ronnie looks forward to using his extra energy to "chase my soon to arrive grandchild. I help myself feel better to have the energy to dedicate to helping others. God put us here to help each other not harm one another."

Ronnie’s J2H Coach Sarah Schall says that "Ronnie is a committed leader and family man. I love to see him experience the benefits of committing to himself and his health."  Everyone wins! 

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