The Power of Teamwork: A Couple's Journey 2 Health

Meet Nawana Thomas and her husband. Just six months into their Journey 2 Health, this couple has lost 100 pounds and made progress reversing diabetes. How have they experienced such success? According to Nawana's coach Jeanine Finelli, “Nawana loves learning  so she reads all of her Journey 2 Health lessons and incorporates them into her life. She and her husband are working together to get healthier which is beautiful teamwork to witness.”

Nawana has an active job working in the distribution center at Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills. When her employer offered the opportunity to participate in the Journey 2 Health program, she was ready to commit and make a change.

A year before she began working with Harriss & Covington, she recalls "searching a little deeper and taking a look at my health and wellness. When I started at J2H, I really wanted to take this journey. I was ready to commit. I started with J2H this year, January 2018, and I have experienced a lot of success."

Nawana’s wellness journey has been incredibly rewarding. For someone who is diabetic, has foot issues and takes medication, Journey 2 Health has been a game changer. On her recent check up, she is happy to report that one prescription medication is gone, and another has been cut in half. Nawana is thrilled with this progress and is motivated to get rid of the other medication completely.

That is amazing progress in just six months, and reflects her dedication to the Journey 2 Health principles of eat well, move well and live well. 

According to Nawana, "Jeanine's lessons on the Journey 2 Health app really kick started it for me! I keep them on my phone, I can research it and refer back to it.  Coach Jeanine is an inspiration. Anything I need, she is there for me."

Nawana also speaks to the power of her employer's investing in its people, and teamwork with her husband:  "I love the fact that H&C is associated with J2H! I'm so glad my company invests in us like this. My husband is also a motivator; he is on the program with me, and has lost four pant sizes and 55 pounds already."

In the beginning, Nawana started by "kicking out soda, bread, and white flours! This has helped me reduce cravings, lose 50 pounds, and given me extra energy for those active days at work."

Nawana attributes her Journey 2 Health to bringing her closer to her husband as they journey together. "We can talk about it and keep on the straight and narrow. It's fun sharing success -- losing weight, getting off the meds, and feeling so much better! That’s the main thing, feeling better."

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