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In these uncertain times, we all have questions on how we can lead a healthier life and feel our best. That’s why two physicians created the Journey 2 Health program to help you change your life. Watch your Journey 2 Health lessons AND talk with a certified health coach during your free 30 day trial period. Take positive steps towards better health today!

Access the Secrets 2 Health videos with our founders, Dr. Joe Jenkins and Dr. William Lawson.

Experience personalized wellness coaching from a certified health coach with a free 20-minute call.

Learn what COVID-19 has taught us and know you’re taking steps in the right direction towards your wellness goals.

Lose weight, manage stress, reverse chronic disease, and so much more.

Hit play on feeling your best while the rest of the world is hitting pause.

Your Personal Health Coach: Rebecca Arsena

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I describe myself as a "recovering perfectionist". I spent decades fearing failure and being stressed out and anxious 24/7 which resulted in a long list of physical symptoms and illnesses.  I knew there had to be a better way to live. Three years ago I began my journey as a Certified Health Coach and haven’t looked back. 

I have found the courage to live a more balanced life, realizing that self care is not selfish and it's OK to ask for help. I enjoy helping others explore their vision of optimal wellness and partnering with them on their journey to acheive their goals. 

As a J2H member, you will work with Coach Rebecca who knows how to help support you to become the best version of yourself using an integrative health approach, along with self-care practices and positive lifestyle changes. Integrative health does not just focus on your diet or exercise routine. This is not simply about weight management. We take a look at the whole person, including your mental health, and focus on lasting behavior change. A healthy lifestyle is not out of reach. Are you ready to create your action plan?


“The personalized coaching was really the key to my success.”

— Journey 2 Health client

“Other programs are just out there selling, but this is much more personal.”

— Journey 2 Health client

The Journey 2 Health Program

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  • Free for 30 days, cancel at any time
  • Comprehensive 12-month online journey with Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well topics
  • Daily checkins and workouts help you stay on track
  • $14.99/mo after your 30-day trial period
  • Free trial includes one coaching session
  • Additional coaching sessions available for purchase

Start Your Journey

  • Coached Journey

    $14 99 per month
    • Free 30-day trial
    • Comprehensive online curriculum delivered to your phone or inbox
    • Online messaging with your health coach
    • Enjoy a 30-min introductory session with your coach.
    • Additional coaching sessions available at affordable prices